Wish List
Here is another great way to help.
With every item donated, we are able to save our limited financial resources for medical and veterinary care.
Cleaning Supplies
Laundry Detergent (powder or liquid any brand)
Liquid Bleach
Liquid dish soap
All purpose cleaners
Hand sanitizer
Paper towels
Disposable sponges
Air Sanitizer
Trash bags (small and large)
Dog Supplies
Dog Food
Pedigree or Purina dry food
Pedigree can food
Purina Moist and Meaty pouches

Dry Puppy food (Pedigree or Purina)

Puppy Training Pads

Raw hide chips (plain)

Dog Treats

Topical Flea Prevention/ All sizes
(Advantage/Advantix/Frontline/Revolution etc.)

Flea Prevention Area and Yard sprays

Towels/Blankets/Sheets/bath rugs
(use is fine)

Kennel Dog Beds

(all sizes, used fine)

Metal Bowls/Buckets

Toys, all kinds

Wire Crate, all sizes
Cat Supplies
Dry Cat food (Any brand)

Can Cat food (Any brand)

Cat Treats

Topical Flea Prevention/ All sizes
(Advantage/Frontline/Revolution etc.)

Towels/Blankets/Sheets/bath rugs
(used are fine)

Cat Beds

Litter Boxes

Clumping Litter

Cat Toys, all kinds

Scratching posts

Cat Towers, All sizes