Romeo, the day of his rescue, was picked up by Seguin Animal Control. He had just missed the deadline to be put down that day when he was
found.  Now, renamed sweetly Madden, with his new mommy.
This page is dedicated to a celebration of life.
The life of the many fosters that have touched our souls and have left paw prints on our hearts. To the many amazing
families that have opened their homes to them and to the hope they all inspire as we continue our work.

This is also dedicated to the precious lives that have been cut too short.
To Hank and his inspirational will to live, despite the ravages of  human neglect.
We will never forget.
May he live through the eyes of those who can draw strength through him. So that he may forever frolic in the grass on
a warm summer day, and feel a human heartbeat as he is held close and know he is loved.
Peter and Bobby,
Now "Dusy and Lucky"
What handsome boys!
Pia Zadora was picked up by Animal Control on the streets of San Antonio. The same day this rescue found Pia, her "would be mom" saw her
sad picture as well and quickly fell in love. Pia's life has never been the same since living the life of a spoiled little princess.
Gimli (Vinny) and Hansell (KitKit) rescue with two other siblings at only two weeks old now all grown up.
A special note from Vinny's new mommy,
"Vinny's doing wonderful!!  We love him so much, by far the best cat in the world!!"
Little Tinkerbell was found as a stray and in danger of being turned over to Animal Control.
Today, Tinkerbell is a pampered little girl living like a princess.
Once an abandoned
litter of six  puppies
rescued from
Animal Control we
"The Brady Bunch"
Marsha and Jan
Now "Mona and Samantha"
with thier sister...The smiles say it all!
Once just another of this city's homeless,left to fend for himself in an abandoned house, Now, Argos is King of his Castle
What a teddy bear!!
Eddie and Max were both picked up by Animal Control as strays. By a twist of fate, these two little strangers ended up in the same cage the
day we found them. We couldn't take one without the other as they seemed to be taking care of each other.
Even more wonderful, Eddie and Max were adopted by the same family.
Eddie and Max are now brothers and we are told doing great!
Argos the day he was found
Oh, darling Sierra. Yes, she
played in the pool in her
run, and yes, she played
with the other puppies in
our care, but there was
always a little sadness in
those eyes. Found running
on a freeway, little Sierra
found her way to our rescue.

Today, nick named Spud
Nick due to those
ears!..those wonderful ears!
She enjoys the life of
luxury..and yes, can you see
the joy in those eyes??
Billy (renamed: Pila)

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words.
The look on his face says only one word, "Love"

"We had prayed about another dog because we
missed our Peggy so much and He led us to you.
We can only praise the Lord for Pila!"
     -Pila's mom