Day one: Demolition
Before any construction could begin, we first needed to remove an existing shed.
Taking it down wasn't as easy as we thought. After a few tries with a sledge hammer and a crow bar, the chain went
around the building and attached to the truck hitch
A few tugs and down it came!  Clean up was a next. The trash needed to be removed.
End of the day, the ground was cleared and ready to be leveled.
Day Two: Grating and Leveling
Getting the land ready proved to be much easier than the day before
By the end of the day, the ground was ready for construction and the first material was brought in!
Day 3: Construction Begins
Little by little, boards began to go up...doesn't look like much right now
By the end of day three, things began to take shape
Day 4: Construction continues....
Days 5 and 6: Braces are in and Ground floor is almost in
Walls are next!!
We've had to take some time off from shelter construction due to funding and the need for emergency runs for dogs that
couldn't wait for the shelter  to be built but here we are again...
The framing for the walls are finally going up. Wow, it's really taking shape!!
Love For Paws Rescue, through the dedication of it's volunteers and help from it's supporters, is seeing the dream of a life
saving shelter become a reality.  This is where it all started
The outside is about finished but work is still
moving on the inside
Although construction isn't finished, with the dropping temperatures, moving in day couldn't wait.
The kids are enjoying the comforts of cozy kennels during the frigid cold nights.
As you can see though, we still have so much more to do
It's been a few months since we last update this page but be assured, we have been very busy making this dream come true.
How far we've come since that afternoon when we tore down the old shed and clear the land
With hot and cold running water, our raised bath tub makes
for easy doggy baths!
Washer and dryer installed, we go through 2-3 loads a day
Every indoor run (shown on the right) is connected to it's own outdoor run (shown left) built on top of a wooden deck, allowing each dog
the ability to enjoy the day whenever they feel like it.
Junior waste no time modeling both the indoor and the outdoor run.
The outdoor run enjoy a view of a wooded scenery
From the side door of the shelter, you can see my homes back
door making visit to the shelter at any hour a breeze.